Let Retail Help Drive Your Success

The average stylist works with 100 clients a month depending on salon size. If you could only get five extra dollars from each client you’d add $6,000 a year to your salary. No small sum. One area to target for this extra revenue is retail product sales. DiGrigoli, Brooks and Ducoff offer their recommendations for moving more product. 




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DiGrigoli’s Advice

  •  Change your mindset. Stop focusing on diversion or where else the client might buy the product. Focus on the customer in the chair and what is best for her hair.
  •  Teach customers how to protect their investment. Some clients pay $150 or more for a service, so educating them on how to use a product well will help sell more product.

Brooks’ Advice

  • Stock easy in-and-out products like make-up and color as well as keeping non-traditional products like Kona coffee or other brands that can be sold as gifts. 
  • Move out any products that are older than 60 days. If a product is sitting on the shelf too long, move it off. 
  • Task front desk staff with moving around displays to keep the retail area fresh and inviting. 

Ducoff’s Advice
Track each stylist’s verbal and written retail recommendations that go to check-out and you’ll be tracking the real driver of retail sales. Strategies offers The Happiness System, which will help you do just that.
We’ve covered the three R’s that drive success, but we’ll leave you with DiGrigoli’s three L’s to keep you motivated and engaged. 
1. Love people (all the time)
2. Love the art and the creativity
3. Love continuing education

For information on The Happiness System, contact Bruce Hourigan at 800.417.4848 ext. 203

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