Marketing That Works: Loyalty Programs

Did You Know? It costs a business about 5-10 times more to get a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one? Not only that, but on average, current customers spend 67 percent more than new customers, so your objective should be to keep clients thinking about your salon, get them to rebook, and reward them for spending money at your business. How? Try implementing some of these loyalty program initiatives:

1.    Buy One, Get One Free: Speak to your product supplier to see if they can assist you with a “buy one, get one free” promotion. 
2.    Girls’ Night Out: Pick your slowest night at the salon and offer free services or product promotions. Give out invitations to your clients and tell them they can bring as many people as they want. Have some wine and  cheese and make some nice product packages that are not too expensive (about $20 and under).
3.    20% Off Any Additional Services: When a client is sitting in your chair and they say they have time to kill, offer 20% off any additional services that they normally would not have booked. 
4.    Use a Point System: This is the most common loyalty program method, but also the most effective. A point-based promotion can be: Try our manicure service after your haircut and get, say, 1,000 points. 
5.    Free Haircut or Color With Fifth Visit: You must have a system to keep track of this (such as salon software) but what a nice thing to keep your clients loyal. 
6.    VIP Membership: Reward your customers who have been with you for more than, say, three years. VIP members usually enjoy a certain percentage of products and services as well as a few other perks.

Image: John Harms from Millennium Systems International


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