Marketing That Works: Social Media and Marketing

When Tuggle opened his salon in Greensboro, NC he wanted to make a big impact, so he followed the example of big brands. His motto: “It doesn’t matter if you’re one salon or a chain, market like you’re big.”  

Top Five Tips for Online Engagement
1. Create your own #hashtags.
Make sure every post is representative of your highest standards.
Put logos or watermarks on your photos—this sets them apart from amateur photos.
Never post anything negative and don’t air your personal business on your social media pages. 
Touch the emotions of your clientele. Make people want to be a part of your salon. It’s all about what sets you apart. 

Marketing Through Promotions: The Dos and Don’ts


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  • Create engaging promotions that promote your salon on Facebook such as giving away a complimentary shampoo and conditioner to any customer who shows the Facebook ad to their stylist. This helps track the success and engagement of your Facebook ads. 
  • Never discount services. When you discount your services you discount yourself. 
  • ​ You can’t have all good without bad. Failure happens. It’s how you deal with failure that sets you apart. 
  •  Encourage your stylists to share each other’s work on their social media platforms. One person’s friend list is not as effective as the whole staff’s friends list.

Image: Bradley Tuggle, owner of BOHO Salon in downtown Greensboro, NC and Farouk Systems Educator