May Editor's Note: Earth Mother

Pittsburgh Earth Day is a citywide celebration of local innovations in sustainability, and on April 22 events were held all over the city, from pop-up organic markets and dance parties to an eco-art fair for kids. Emilio Cornacchione, co-owner of Izzazu Salon, Spa & Serata, was invited to collaborate with local photographer Laura Petrilla, who is known for her vintage pin-ups, on a project spearheaded by Deb Docherty, owner of Docherty Model & Talent Agency. Docherty’s agency provided a model, 17-year-old Megan McNally, who has a small part in Let It Snow, a romantic comedy starring Diane Keaton and John Goodman that was filmed in Pittsburgh and will be released during the holidays. Cornacchione and makeup artist Hillary Evans created the hair and makeup that would transform McNally into Mother Earth. I just happened to be in Pittsburgh when the shoot took place and was able to stop by Petrilla’s studio in Lawrenceville where she had built an elaborate set using plants, moss and paper butterflies. Local artist Kathleen Lolley was in a corner cutting out paper trees to be used as backdrops when I arrived. McNally had brought her pet spider along to be used as a prop in some of the sequences, which was somewhat disconcerting. The thing was huge. Still, Cornacchione put on a brave face and stifled the ick factor to move in and rearrange McNally’s braids when prompted to do so by Petrilla.

Four teams were asked to participate in this project, and Macy’s agreed to display the winning photos in its windows facing Fifth Avenue downtown. “This is one of the only events of its kind in the country,” says Cornacchione, who hopes that hairdressers in other cities around the country might be inspired to do something similar on Earth Day next year. Aveda, are you listening?

✂ —Marianne Dougherty, editor in chief, [email protected]