Hairbrained Step-by-Step: The Combination Braid

Are you looking to create a style that’s both casual and chic? Try crafting a simple, bohemian braid: half up, with just the right amount of disheveled texture. In this quick tutorial, Paul Eastin, lead stylist at Paris Parker Salon and Spa in New Orleans, will give you the tools you need to re-create this easy, yet striking style. Read on to find out how.

Step 1: Add Texture. Begin by working a texturizing product through strands; this will give you the grip you need to create movement once you’ve completed your braid. 

Step 2: Work your part. To get your sections just right, use a rat-tail comb to create a zigzag part just behind the hairline, at the parietal ridge. Make sure to leave out the fringe, plus any soft, face-framing pieces. This technique will give you the half-up look that you’re after, without creating any harsh or sharp edges.


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Step 3: Braid with care. To ensure neat braiding, clip the lower section away from the upper section of hair. Next, begin your combo-braid by crafting a simple three-strand braid: make sure to lay the hair over, and forgo twisting the braid as you work. Continue this braid for four our five sections, depending on the length of your client’s hair.

Step 4: Seamless blending. To create a smooth transition, combine two of your three sections together. Begin to work into a fishtail braid by pulling small sections from each side, and crossing them over to the other side; repeat this close to a dozen times.

Step 5: Finish strong. Re-establish three distinct section, and resume a three-strand braid; you’ll work this braid to the end. To fatten the end pieces, rough up the lower sections. Forgo using an elastic band, and instead, backcomb through the ends to hold strands n place.

Step 6: Rough it up. Distress and dishevel your braid by gently pulling pieces apart with your thumb and forefinger. This will give your braid a perfect, unkempt look – that’s right on trend. 


Paris Parker Fall/Winter Collection Shoot
Styled by: Andi Eaton
Photographer: Ollie Alexander

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