Rob Peetoom Expands His Salon Empire in Brooklyn

The light and airy space abounds with quality furniture and materials that deliver an unforgettable customer experience.

Having achieved success throughout Europe and Asia, Rob Peetoom’s eponymous salon empire is branching out to the Big Apple. The celebrated hairdresser and businessman recently opened his first American outpost in Williamsburg—his 18th global location. “After 50 years of experience in Holland and Bali, it was the right time to expand and grow into a new territory,” says Peetoom, adding that “the company ethos now encompasses the perfect trifecta—the natural, down-to-earth beauty of Holland, the harmonious inner beauty of our Balinese hair spas, and the aspirational beauty of New York.” 

Rochelle, Rob and Savana Peetoom.

The 4,000-square-foot salon feels right at home in the Brooklyn neighborhood—a place where the arts, happening restaurants, chic boutiques and trendy hotels abound. “Williamsburg allowed us to have a large salon on the street level like most of our other locations as opposed to being housed in a small upper-floor space in one of Manhattan’s congested buildings,” says U.S. Director Savana Peetoom, who along with sister Rochelle has been tapped to lead and manage the new establishment. Joining them are a number of expert master stylists and colorists from the brand’s Bali and Netherlands locations who have been trained to deliver high-quality services while adhering to Rob Peetoom’s philosophy that one’s hair should suit one’s unique personality and lifestyle. 

White styling chairs lend a modern touch.

Such attention to detail pervades the salon space. A color scheme of muted grays and white tones mix and mingle with dusty rose, curved sofas from Italian design company Tacchini, and FLOS lighting that creates an ethereal glow. There’s also an Academy Room for New Talents where classes take place in an “open-kitchen” concept work area, providing guests with an inside look at the skills and techniques passed on to the newer staff.


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The reception area.

“All of our salons and academies have been designed by Ruud Van Oosterhout, a talented, forward-thinking architect and interior designer from the Netherlands,” says Rochelle, who is the salon’s global director. “There’s a thread of continuity throughout all our locations, each having little flourishes and special touches that make it unique.

Wooden stations and modern lighting give the space warmth.

Our Williamsburg location, originally an old sugar factory back in Brooklyn’s industrial days, is home to century-old wood pillars that provide a rough and raw touch to an otherwise minimalistic space. Ruud’s use of circular geometry, mirror placements and light design is elegant and beautiful.”

Fresh flowers and books add ambiance.

Being in such a fun neighborhood presents endless business-building opportunities, and Rob Peetoom Williamsburg is focusing its marketing efforts on partnering with local businesses and reaching guests on a personal level by word-of-mouth. It’s also creating buzz by partnering with luxury hotels in the area. “As a brand-new entity in the U.S., we’re not in a rush—we’re here for the long haul,” says Rochelle. “When opening other salons over the years, we’ve  learned that if you bring quality, success will follow.”