Picture Perfect: Photo-Taking Secrets

Cassandra McLaughlin and Dominique Limone share the photo-taking secrets that have helped improve their business. 

THE POWER OF A PHOTOGRAPH is amazing when it comes to the hair industry because it allows you to share your talents with others and attracts more clients. Just ask Cassandra McLaughlin and Dominique Limone from Platinum Salon in Tampa, FL—when Limone started posting balayage images on her Instagram, the following month she was completely booked for balayage-only appointments. How you take your pictures is also important, from posting befores and afters to choosing the right lighting. With just a few simple changes to the way you take your pics, you’ll be amazed by the difference in your business. 

Cassandra & Dominique’s PHOTO-TAKING TIPS 


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1. ALWAYS TAKE A ‘BEFORE’ PICTURE.‘Before’ pictures make a much bigger impact! ‘Befores’ demonstrate the work and skill that goes into the end results, they show your audience what is possible, add they add value to your services by allowing your client to see their own transformation. Make ‘befores’ a habit!

2. HOW TO GET THAT GORGEOUS ‘AFTER.’ Take multiple pictures at different angles (20-30 per guest). Find a great source of light and consider your background—keep it clean, neat and consistent. Add 5 to 10 minutes to each reservation, building the time for photographs into services.

3. CREATE AN IDENTITY. Do a self-evaluation and take a look at your social media. Ask yourself if a potential client would know that you are a hairdresser. Do your personal photos support your business and build your reputation? Recognize that social media is a powerful BUSINESS and MARKETING tool! Be inspired by others but create your own identity! Be yourself, be authentic and be open. BE INTENTIONAL! Get clarity. What is your brand? What is your style? What is the salon’s brand and style?

4. FOR YOUR PHOTOS: USE A RECOGNIZABLE LAYOUT, use a watermark, and post what you want to see more of in your chair. When Limone posted more balayage photos on her Instagram, for a month after she was booked up with balayage appointments!