Positive Talk Equals a Positive Outcome

Gearing up for a new year always has us looking back at the last 12 months and then looking forward to what could be better in the year ahead. It can be overwhelming to think about all the ways we’ve fallen short and all the parts of our lives that need improvement.

So overwhelming, in fact, that many of us resolve to NOT have any resolutions at all! 

But however you choose to plan for the year ahead, I urge you to consider the power that lies within your words and the impact they can have on your future success! Any resolution you may be considering involves your words and how you talk to both yourself and those around you. If you resolve to eat healthier and exercise, you will have to make sure your self-talk is encouraging yet unwavering when it comes to what you’re putting in your body or how you’re spending your free time. If you’re resolving to improve your relationships, you will have to begin by speaking to that person differently. 


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I’d like to share with you the three kinds of speech that are heavily hindering our success within the walls of our salons. Taking measures to eliminate these from your business will set you up to have a great 2016!


Unproductive talk is conversation between staff members that doesn’t really achieve anything useful or significant. There’s nothing wrong with it, it just isn’t accomplishing anything. I would never say that light conversation is not allowed in our salon, but our staff understands that working less means being more focused while working.  


Complaining, griping, grumbling, moaning and whining are all forms of negative talk. It all amounts to nothing other than a huge waste of breath. Listen for it and acknowledge its threat to your business. Start by eliminating it from your own vocabulary and then hold your employees accountable for it.  


I read a quote recently that says, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” We all would probably say that gossip is a waste of time and words, but are we still allowing it in our salons? If yes, then you must understand the consequences for its admission to your business. Gossip significantly decreases focus and productivity!  

At Signatures, we have created a zero tolerance gossip policy that each employee signs to show their commitment and understanding. In order for us to sustain a 3-Day Work Week, we cannot allow any talk that slows down our hairdressers’ productivity.

Resolve to get your words right in 2016.  Words control the trajectory of our futures!

About: Wendy White-McCown is the owner of Signatures Salon in Lake Charles, LA. If your salon is anything like Signatures, employees want to work less and make more... This sounds like an oxymoron, but with lots of thought and execution, this has become a reality in their salon. For more information, visit 3dayworkweeksc.blogspot.com.