Redken Global Creative Director Guido Explains Why Fashion Matters

Keeping up with runway trends is valuable when it comes to your business. Redken Global Creative Director Guido explains why.

high fashion quickly trickles down to the salon level more so now than ever. Today, clients are very aware of what’s happening trend-wise with hair and makeup. Stylists should follow Fashion Week trends not only for inspiration, but to remain relevant for their clients. Fashion moves in cycles, from new to retro, from modern to fantasy. The looks at Fashion Week are constantly challenging what’s current and taking what we’ve already seen and pushing it forward—you have to pay attention to keep up. As a stylist, it’s important to be aware of this because people want to know what is new and they trust your opinion. Fashion Week is the time when you can find and be inspired by many new ideas as a stylist to keep your work modern. Personally, I’m always trying to modernize looks, and it’s usually the tiniest details that make the biggest impact.

  While clients may not be strutting down the runway, the trends become prominent for events, a special night, weddings and prom. During the consultation, take time to propose those different ideas to the client and to prove your expertise by showing that you know what is new. The client looks
to the stylist for that information and how it can work for them.


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>> When introducing a trend to a client, be flexible. Even if they don’t take to the exact trend, you can use a runway look and interpret it. You may be surprised that they’re more willing to experiment than you thought. It is also the perfect opportunity as stylists and artists to let your creativity show and set yourself and your work apart.

>> In your salon, scatter the latest fashion magazines throughout the salon to both inspire the client and inspire your stylists. Every season, Redken provides Fashion Week trend recaps and step-by-steps from the season’s shows—take these recaps and disperse them among the stylists to get acquainted with the looks and the products to achieve them. The looks suddenly become less intimidating and more attainable.

>> Capitalize on the power of social media. Social media is an influential platform to showcase your salon’s work, as well as establish your fashion savviness by posting relevant images and articles that inspire your work. I launched my Instagram as we were kicking off Fall/Winter 2015 Fashion Week as a way to showcase my portfolio of work and inspiration. Facebook is great as you’re able to provide more context with each post, which I think tells a bigger story than just who you are as a salon or a stylist.