Salon Marketing: Mastering the Art of Salon Newsletters

When a client’s in your chair, you do everything possible to make them feel special…right? But, how do you continue to build that bond in between visits? As a salon owner, you’ll find infinite opportunities for cultivating lasting relationships with guests. Social media presents a potent opportunity for ongoing communication, true; but the more popular it becomes, the harder it is to reach clients directly. Email newsletters, on the other hand, are an easy, effective, budget-friendly way to keep in touch. Best of all, they’re direct, landing at the top of an inbox every time they’re sent. Here’s the scoop on how to make the most of your e-newsletter.

Getting Started

First things first: You need people to send your newsletter to! Get started by collecting clients’ email addresses, and create an e-newsletter list from there. This part of the process is simple: Before a client leaves your salon, capture his or her email address. Many salon software platforms will keep track of this information for you, making it easy-peasy! If you’re having trouble building your list, consider offering weekly or monthly drawings for clients who sign up to receive your newsletter.


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Remember: The most effective e-newsletter is one that’s delivered to people who have visited your salon — even if they’ve only been in once or twice. That’s why at Sola Salons we don’t recommend purchasing email lists, or asking guests to provide lists of their friends’ email addresses. The last thing you want to do is pop up as spam.

Partner Up

Unless you’re a coding whiz or a professional blogger, there’s no reason to do it alone. Many salon software platforms have the capability to manage your email list for you, and send out your email newsletters, too. Some programs even provide templates that will make it easy to build an attractive newsletter from the get-go. And, services such as MailChimp allow users to track engagement with each e-newsletter they’ve sent.

Make a Splash

So you’re ready to start writing your newsletter, huh? Even with a newsletter chalk full of intriguing content, you’ll need to come up with a really catchy subject line that’ll draw people in. When it comes to an inbox, you only have a quick second to catch a recipient’s attention, and get them to open your mail. Spend some extra time, then, making sure your headline passes the “So what?” test. Here’s how it works: Think of your ideal reader, and imagine that person glimpsing the subject line you’re created — How would they respond? If they’d say, “So what?” then it’s time to head back to the drawing board!

Creating Content

Now it’s time for the fun stuff! Your overarching goal is to build credibility so clients look forward to receiving and reading your emails. Keep in mind that an e-newsletter isn’t a platform for selling services; rather, it’s a way to engage customers outside the studio, offering them yet another invaluable service. 

Topic-wise, newsletters run the gamut; they might include hair care tips, top-secret stylist tricks, product picks and specials, news about upcoming promotions, salon milestones – anniversaries, celebrations – as well as before and after shots, and much, much more. Your best bet is to be creative, explore content that interests you, and have fun with it! There’s no need to hire a professional editor, but do make sure you’ve quadruple checked your work for spelling and grammar mistakes before sending it off.

Picture Perfect

In today’s fast-paced world, few people have time to sift through giant blocks of text. Use that tidbit to your advantage: Spend less time writing verbose copy, and more time adding stunning visual content – AKA pictures – to your e-newsletter. You’re likely to snag more readers if you can create something that’s every bit as beautiful as it is informative. Some savvy stylists have even used newsletters to showcase their talent, compiling some of their best “after” shots and most popular Instagram images into a mini-feed designed to give clients ideas — and inspire them to book their next appointment pronto!

Promote Yourself

Don’t be afraid to use your newsletter as a platform for updating clients about, say, your upcoming vacation plans, or openings in your schedule. Use all of the information you share to (subtly) direct clients back into your chair! And, just in case a reader is ready to book, always include a link for easy online booking. While you’re at it, provide links to your website and social media, too, and encourage newsletter readers to follow you on Instagram and Facebook.

Consistency is King

When it comes to digital content your best bet for a solid following is delivering content consistently. The frequency of your newsletter is up to you — though, at Sola Salons we recommend starting with a monthly note so you won’t feel overwhelmed. (You can always add more newsletters down the road!) Pick a day or timeframe – the 15th or the first Monday, for example – and commit to sending an e-newsletter every, single month. From there, consider supplementing your regular newsletter with special editions for holidays and seasonal offerings. At first, it might take you more time than you’d expected to compose an e-newsletter, but by the third or fourth round, you’ll be an email-marketing master.

Bonus Points

Increase your touch points by printing copies of your newsletter to hand out to guests when they’re leaving your salon! 

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