Social Beauty: Change the System, Change the Experience

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent that will survive but those who can best manage change.” Charles Darwin

As a young businessperson, one of my coaches once shared a simple yet profound concept; change the system, change the result. And today, I would add experience before result. Change the system, change the experience, which changes the result.

Simple, yes. Easy. OMG no! That is why businesses suffer and become irrelevant, that is why so many small biz owners feel angst instead of excitement at the thought of change. But guys, I am here to tell you, I know this first hand. I have lived it. This is the truth.


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While I am thinking of biz models pretty much 24/7, and how I can help empower the people I love with ideas, concepts and actions, this one thing has been weighing heavy on my mind, so here it goes…

The Client Journey Has Changed, Have You?
As a paying client of two hair salons @sugarskulls @larisadoll and an eyelash extension salon @ilianaladma, and as one who is an awesome social listener and student, I have witnessed what is awesome and not so awesome in many of the salon business models. The one thing that stands out so much to me right now is how clients are booked. And no, I am not going to shove online booking down your throat again, you can read that here and here.

No, what I am talking about is creating space and time for the “new” client journey + experience. The one that includes capturing the experience in order to create a relevant and compelling story to share, as well as help your clients facilitate the story they want to share about their experience.

If we want to capture the empowering opportunities of the social + digital web, we must change the way we do business. And that means changing the amount of time we give to that experience.

But Nina, I Don’t Have Time!
If you find yourself saying “I don’t have time to capture pictures, I don’t have time to Instagram this experience, I don’t have time to Snapchat this story, I don’t have time to pre-book the next experience”, then I say it’s time to take a big step back and look at how you are managing your time and the amount of time you are giving to each client.

Now, I know you will say, “but Nina, this is how I make money, more clients, more money.” I get it. And I will say back to you, if you understand the social + digital web, and clients passion around sharing experiences, and want to provide the best experience possible, then if you create space to do that, you will actually make more money because your experience is more awesome and your clients will share it.

Change Is Constant, Period.
Change happens. The only decision you need to make is if you are going to fight it or embrace it and re-think how you can capture your awesome experiences.

Love + Awesomeness-


PS: If you are an owner and want to learn more about how to create more awesome in your biz + life, and learn how you can create awesome on the social + digital web, check out my A School for Owners program.

PPS: This idea of client experience in the age of social + digital has nothing to do with the age of the salon, the stylist or the client. In fact, it has nothing to do with age at all. As defined by the awesome Brian Solis, it has everything to do with Generation C, the connect customer, who is not defined by age but by behavior. And “their” passion is sharing experiences, whether it be via a social platform, a review platform, or any other way they can share. If you need more proof then what we are witnessing every day as humans, I highly recommend you read The End of Business As Usual by Brian Solis and The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk.

About Nina L. Kovner: From the shampoo room to the boardroom, Nina L. Kovner took the world of pro beauty by storm with her thoughtful attention to detail and never-ending tenacity.  After 26 years of conquering obstacles in an ever-changing business landscape and helping to build one of the most recognized professional haircare brands in the world, she respectfully walked away from a career at the top to help small business owners and artists discover and live their purpose with passion and empower their businesses. Now, as Chief Awesomeness Empowerer at Passion Squared, she wakes up every morning saying to herself… “How I am going to help people create awesome today?”

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