Sound Advice from Arnold Zegarelli

Arnold Zegarelli is Director of Education at Izzazu Salon Spa and Serrata in Pittsburgh where he’s been dispensing sound advice to help hairdressers become more successful for years.


Setting a new goal is easy; achieving it is more challenging. Often, what accounts for failure is the inability to use a system I call Consistent, Incremental (baby-step progression) Improvement Program or C.I.I.P. Leaders and achievers have used the following seven factors for thousands of years. Think of them as the keys that can unlock the doors to personal and professional growth:


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1. Know where you want to go and what it is you want to achieve. Set a specific outcome with a time limit, which will keep you on track.

2. Know the “why” or you won’t try.

If the motivational reason is powerful enough, the process will be so much easier.

3. Take responsibility and be accountable for your own progress. Don’t take blame or complain; just do it.

4. Be a record keeper. Write it down and track what works and what doesn’t. If it isn’t working, adapt and change.

5. Find a role model or mentor who can inspire and possibly show you the way to consistent improvement.

6. Bad habits or good habits are both consistent behaviors. The difference is that bad habits can hurt you, while good habits can help you. It is your choice, and only you can decide your destiny.

7. Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire and sincerely believe is possible will inevitably come to pass. Picture yourself already having achieved your goal. We don’t always get what we want, but we