True Stories: Own Your Energy, Own Your Life

Melissa Yamaguchi (she and her husband Billy own an eponymous salon in Ventura, CA, and another one at the Four Seasons in Westlake) and I have been friends for years. A longtime student of Chinese astrology, Melissa works with everyone from corporate clients to cosmetology students to help them understand how their energy resonates with the energy of the day. Ever wake up some mornings raring to go, while other days you can barely get out of bed? That’s energy at work, says Melissa, whose motto is, “Own your energy, own your life.” She also believes that the key to understanding your employees and the way they interact is to understand their energy. Why don’t I let Melissa explain it for you on these two videos I taped at The Sacred Space in Summerland, CA, a couple of months ago. To learn more, email Melissa at [email protected]


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