Why Not Perk Up Your Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for ways to increase cash flow (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then it may be time to invest in a service that will expand your clientele while boosting your bottom line. Introducing Perk (http://perk.edgeforlife.com/americansalon/​​​​​​​), a patented mobile apparatus that merges in-salon exfoliation with take-home products. We spoke with Diana Flores, Regional Sales Director, who gives you all the details on what Perk is and how it can benefit your salon business.


1 How does Perk work? 


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Perk is the world’s first hybrid skin treatment, combining an in-salon treatment with 30 days of take-home serums. It gently cleanses, exfoliates, and re-nourishes the face, eye and/or lip area. The client has the option of choosing which area they would like to treat. The client has the option of choosing areas based on concern and budget. Each treatment takes less than 10 minutes! Clients can see immediate and long-term results. We use hydradermabrasion technology, which gives better results than microdermabrasion with little to no redness or downtime. You can immediately apply skincare and makeup. It’s a very organic way to bridge your salon services to your retail area and increase retail sales.

2 Have salons found that there is any resistance to clients getting facials while they’re getting their hair done?

Not at all! Since Perk can be performed while the client is seated, you can perform the service after shampoo, while client is processing color, or after a blow dry. The possibilities are endless! Clients appreciate being able to do multiple services during their salon visit. No additional time and they receive additional benefits!

3 Have salons found that when one person is getting a treatment, others inquire and end up wanting one too?

Absolutely! This is a major buzz generator. It is truly unique and different than anything that has been out there in the past. It’s a social facial. I encourage the salons to have Perk on the salon floor or in the waiting area. Because you can see the results immediately, clients receive compliments from other salon patrons and they end up wanting the service done too. When I train in salons, I usually end up with a client or two in the chair because they saw what I was doing and want a treatment done too.

4. Do clients come back to purchase take-home products after their 30-day supply is done?

Yes! Since the take-home portion is approximately a 30-day supply, it encourages clients to come back and receive another “Perk” every month. The take-home portion works best when they receive the service first. By exfoliating in the salon with the Perk, the client’s at-home skincare penetrates better and they see results sooner. Perk take-home products do not take the place of existing retail skincare—they enhance it.

5 Who can perform the treatments?

Licensed professionals can perform the treatments. We provide quick and easy online training that can be completed in less than 30 minutes. We offer certification for all those who complete our webinar training course.

6 What is the suggested ticket price for a single treatment? 

The MSRP for Perk services are $29.95 for Lip, $39.95 for Eye, and $49.95 for Face. These are a baseline. Since many of our clients are in premium areas or first to market, they add anywhere from $5 - $20 to each service and save the MSRP pricing for events.