Word Play with Ruth Roche

Once in a blue moon
I go skinny-dipping.



Wonder Woman


Big huge flowers, because they’re gorgeous. I paint big flowers all the time.



A day without butter is like a day without sunshine.


Everything’s coming up roses 

Sometimes it’s messy creating the ground that roses grow in, but eventually they’ll come up. The messy stuff makes the good stuff.


Lip Service—try not to do too much of it because it’s a waste of time.



Dessert, pudding—why is everything about food with me?


The glamorous life

Not my life. Glamor is really a presentation to the world. Even people that have so-called glamorous lives, they really just capture glamorous moments. It can’t be anyone’s whole life.



I live in New York City, there’s no such thing as crossing at the light. 


Bucket List

Mine’s really long. I used to think a “bucket list” was things you wanted to do before you die. But now I think of it as a to-do list for my soul.

From the April issue, click here for the digital edition.