Workplace Motivation with Michaeline DeJoria

Michaeline DeJoria, vice chairman of John Paul Mitchell Systems, shares her secrets for making successful business decisions in the workplace. 

BEING IN CHARGE AND MANAGING a salon filled with employees is a lot of work and re- sponsibility—and at times it can be overwhelming, especially when all the big decisions are left in your hands. Michaeline DeJoria, vice chairman and director of future business development for John Paul Mitchell Systems, shares some insight into her management strategy for building business understanding and confidence in the workplace. —Kamala Kirk, West Coast Editor



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1. FRESH EYES To be able to look at something you are doing without bias and with the openness and courage to invite change is invaluable.

2. HUMILITY You cannot be successful at anything if you are making decisions based on your own insecurities. If you feel the need to prove something, you are making choices that are better for you than your brand.

4. LABOR OF LOVE Your quality of life should flourish because of what you spend your time doing and how you do it. To love what you do and to feel proud about how you are doing it means more than any end number.

5. TRUST Trusting your gut doesn’t mean you alone have all the answers. It means you have enough confidence in yourself to know when someone else has the answer. And, you have the faith in yourself to make the choices that sometimes only you can see the value in.