3 Life-Changing Business Tips for Every Beauty Professional

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As business owners, we will be met with a mixture of highs and lows. On those days where nothing seems to be going right, where you’re frustrated with your current circumstances or wondering about the future of your business, questioning what’s going to happen next, we want you to connect with your “why.”

Your “why” is quite simply, the very reason why you started your business in the first place. We want to challenge you to look at the deeper connection here. What is the deeper meaning behind why you started your business?

Was it always something you wanted to do? Was it an unexpected path you found yourself on somewhere along the way? What has become possible for you since starting your business? What’s the future of your life look like when your business is bringing in your desired results?

WHY is your business the path for you? WHY do you do the work you do? And WHY can’t you see yourself doing anything else? 

When those highs come about, celebrate like it’s your job! But when those lows come creeping in, use your “why” as a motivator, inspiration, and spark of energy you need to keep going.
How Much to Raise Your Service Prices:
In order to figure out by how much to raise your service prices, ask yourself the following questions:
  • What has been the amount of inflation of operating expenses between the time of your last price increase?
  • Have you introduced a new product line in your services to your clients?
  • When was your last rent increase?
  • What are the service prices of other competitive salons?
  • What is the profit you want to make consistently?
How Often Do You Raise Your Service Prices?
When trying to figure out how often to raise your service prices, consider the following points:
  • When was your last price increase for client services? Six months, one year, 18 months, two years ago, or longer than two years ago?
  • PRO TIP! We have found that it's easier and less stressful to ease your clients into the price increase with smaller increases over 12 months instead of a more substantial one time increase every 12 months.

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