7 Things to Consider When Designing a Salon

Colour Bar Studio in Vienna, VA utilizes minimalistic design elements to create a sleeks space.

Colour Bar Studio opened its new flagship salon at The Boro in Vienna, VA this June. Owner Tania Saldaña offers clients a luxury experience in a modern intimate setting, and worked with interior architect Savannah Montgomery of Montgomery Home to design an escape with state-of-the-art features. From imported Italian shampoo bowls to seats with shiatsu massage features and electric mirrors, the duo left no stone unturned on the path to unparalleled elegance and practicality.

Montgomery works with clients all over the world designing new construction, remodels, restorations, and complete redesigns. When it comes to salons, she recommends the following:

Lighting. Having true natural daylight is not only important for viewing color at the chair, but also for reducing shadows and creating focal points throughout the salon.  

Equipment. Comfortable chairs and luxe shampoo bowls are critical for the comfort of guests.  Cushioned floors help reduce strain on the feet and back for stylists, and tools such as the Freestylist hanging blow dryers not only reduce stress on necks, backs and shoulders, they also create a memorable design element.

Color. The salon palette should be cohesive and minimal to tell a story—three colors tops.

Walls. Keep walls blank, the salon décor is the eye candy. Unless it’s a strategic design element, artwork can change the balance of the aesthetic.

Outlets and Hardware. Keep outlets inside drawers or cabinets and skip hardware and use finger pulls for a slick, clean look.

Reception. Make a great first impression by creating privacy and visual impact with a logo and other design elements such as chandeliers and sconces, textured wallpaper and interesting desk design.

Color Bar. This is a great opportunity to create a focal point for the salon where guests convene and see stylists pulling and mixing color, just make sure the design prohibits guests from seeing empty tubes, boxes and soiled tools.

And, since all salons are now adjusting to the safety guidelines for COVID-19, Montgomery has these tips:

  • Make sure any additional features such as privacy panels between stations and protective panels at reception match décor.  Keep them simple but stay within your color palette and design theme.
  • Most fabric on chairs and benches can be upholstered with clear plastic for easy cleaning without disrupting design.
  • Signs and/or social distancing markers should be discrete, but visible, and harmonize with the current décor.