This Salon Owner Opened Her Shop During the Pandemic—And Saw Major Success

(Alli Carpenter | Salt & Scissors)

Alli Carpenter, color specialist, master stylist and owner of Salt + Scissors Salon & Spa in Anna Maria, FL, had the advantage of opening her salon during the pandemic—yes, advantage—because she was able to design it to fit the new normal to ensure the safety of her staff and guests. Highlights include a brand-new HVAC system, socially-distanced stations, progressive booking systems, and even special blow dryers to dry hair faster.

With most of the amenities like refreshments, samples and lounge areas stripped away from salons, one of the only things a stylist can offer guests is a phenomenal experience and gorgeous hair.  The trick is to pull it off in a shorter amount of time with the maximum amounts of guests to make it lucrative enough to stay in business.

“Ever since getting my Freestylist, I’m able to blow dry people’s hair in half the time allowing me to squeeze even more people into my day. Also, the right blow dryer gives you a better blow out, there’s no doubt about it,” explains Carpenter.


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The Freestylist Support System weightlessly floats blow dryers within reach and turns on and off automatically.  There’s no setting a dryer up or bending to reach it and no cords tangling or catching on the chair.

“Being a hairstylist, we use our shoulders and arms a lot and we are constantly looking down at our guests sitting in the chair," Carpenter says. "I was suffering from a lot of discomfort in my neck and shoulders, especially when trying to wrestle with a cord plugged into the wall for my hairdryer. Since using my Freestylist I have noticed little to no pain in my neck and shoulders. Not to mention how incredible they look in the space!”