Simplify the Front Desk Experience with This New Technology

photo via Square

When COVID-19 struck in early March, the world had no idea just how dependent it would become on technology. From at-home grocery shopping and tele-health appointments to online entertainment and remote learning, technology has played a critical role in our day-to-day lives for the past 10 months. 

Now, more than ever before, beauty and wellness companies are looking to technology to simplify their daily processes—something that will remain in place long after the pandemic ends. Earlier this month, Square, a financial services company, announced the availability of Square Appointments on Square Register, a point-of-sale solution specifically built for beauty and wellness sellers that now runs on Square’s first-class hardware.

This new offering provides integrated hardware and software so sellers can book and confirm appointments, manage inventory, accept payments, and check out customers all from Square Appointments for a front desk experience that provides simplicity and a professional look that elevates any business.


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With Square Appointments on Square Register, sellers can unlock advanced features:

  • Modern aesthetic: Square Register presents an attractive countertop setup that complements the aesthetic of any beauty or wellness seller for a lasting impression.
  • Seamless experience: With a large 13” display, sellers can view availability and scheduling for up to 20 staff members at a time from a single screen. Perfect for multi-staff businesses, sellers can manage staff and upcoming appointments with one solution. Square Register also offers a 7” customizable buyer display that provides another way for sellers to beautify their countertop with the ability for businesses to showcase their logo and name right on the screen.
  • Safe checkout: Enable a more distant checkout experience with a separate seller-facing and detachable buyer-facing display for safe customer transactions that promotes contactless payment methods. Register comes with the option to purchase a 6.5-foot customer display cable to easily set up checkouts for an additional protective barrier.

According to a press release from Square, businesses can manage their appointments and send automatic client reminders to streamline confirmations, cancellations, and last-minute rescheduling, all with accurate reporting as services and payments are automatically attributed to the appropriate staff when checking out via appointment. 

To learn more about Square Appointments on Square Register, click here.