Toni Espigares Presents the Yun Zhi Collection

Toni Espigares has presented the Yun Zhi Collection. The semi-circular fruiting bodies of the fungi inspire this amazing collection, with their fan-shaped panels and colorful appearance.

Traditionally used for medicinal purposes, they provide mankind with a significant evolutionary advantage by contributing to its survival. Yet another example of how nature keeps us alive.


Finalist Avant-Garde Category Visionary Award 2022

Second Runner-up Vanila Awards 2022

Hair: Toni Espigares @toniespigarespostigo

Photography: Esteban Roca @esteban_roca_photo

MUA: Toni Espigares @toniespigarespostigo

Styling: Equipo artístico de Toni Espigares

Products: [email protected]