Aprés Nail

As the pioneer in soft gel nail extension technology, Aprés Nail is united by one common motif- creating standards and not trends. Our patented products are developed with one goal in mind: to break the habit of fast nail fashion and pave the way for comp

Aprés nail was founded in fall of 2015, by Carol Ma and award winning nail artist Albee Chen. Their passion for nails transformed into creating Gel-X, the world’s first soft gel nail extension system with the newest, trendiest designs for professional nail artists used now on celebrities worldwide. The company’s goal is to expand with our customers worldwide keeping sight of trends while continuing to further develop advancements in soft gel technology.

Featured Products

Gel-X Nails

Gel-X Nail Extension Kit

This kit includes everything you’ll need to create stunning nails that will last up to 4+ weeks. Beyond being a healthier option for nail lovers, soft gel nail extensions are easier and quicker to apply and painless to remove. The complete kit requires purchase of a box of Gel-X tips of your choice (price may vary). Determine which nail shape and length best suits your own nails, and select your desired box of tips from the drop down menu. The complete set comes in an all-in-one convenient and classy patent-leather storage case (vegan-friendly!) 


Natural Coffin Medium Box of Tips

These tips are part of our Natural line, which have a flatter surface and less of a C-Curve compared to the tips in our Sculpted line. Our Natural line is more comfortable for flatter nail beds since the tips are able to cover the sides of the natural nail better.