Duman INC

For your beauty!

Duman Cosmetics is a hair product company for men and women. Products include hair color to keratin treatments, hair protein and shampoo, conditioner and serums for women. Shaving  and waxing products, gels and face masks for men are also available.

Featured Products

Bioplex Treatment

Bioplex Hair Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment for frizzy and curly hair to making it smooth and straight.

Bioplex Protector

Bioplex Hair Protein Protector

Bioplex Hair Protein prevents any type of hair damaging problems on bleaching and coloring process.

Scalp Bleaching

LIL’AFIX Scalp Bleaching Powder

Scalp bleaching powder contains special hair protection inside and lifts up to 9 levels without damaging the hair.

LIL’AFIX Professional Hair Color

LIL’AFIX Professional Hair Color

LIL’AFIX Professional Hair Color is formulated with micro pigmentations and contains virgin olive oil. Long lasting with a soft touch finish.