Gentlemen Republic

Quality Matters

Gentlemen Republic provides the best in men's grooming products. Our quality is rivaled by none. We offer the highest quality ingredients for your hair and fragrance. Most importantly, we're a brand you can trust.

Featured Products


16oz Refined Gel


REFINED GEL -  Hard Hold & Hard Shine - 16oz

Unique molding gel comes second to none in quality and efficiency.


4oz Matte Paste

MATTE POMADE - Superior Hold & Matte Finish

A hard holding, water base paste that delivers a clean, classic matte finish. 


4oz Stiff Pomade

STIFF POMADE - Stiff Hold & High Shine

Stiff Pomade- Stiff hold water based pomade with high shine rinses clean and provides all day control. 

Beard Oil

Beard Oil

Beard Oil l for Men 1oz

Gentlemen Republic's Beard Oil is designed to soothe and moisturize your beard without it feeling heavy or oily.