H2PRO Professional

H2PRO, founded in Chicago, IL in 2002, is a company specializing in the distribution of top quality hair tools and beauty products.

We strive to offer salons, stylists, and professionals beauty products and tools with the most innovative designs and the latest technology. It is our mission to be the leading brand in the industry by manufacturing superior beauty tools and products. We are constantly progressing and bringing forth leading-edge products for the beauty industry.

Featured Products

Hare Care

H2PRO Professional Healing Therapy Hare Care

We pride ourselves in concocting a unique line of healing potions with a well balanced PH, free of sulfate, parabens, phthlates and paraffin.

This is not hair, this is life.

Flat iron

H2PRO Black Diamond Mikro Flat iron

Our goal is to produce high quality products that our stylists can use as their main styling tools. Our tools cater to all different hair types and textures. H2PRO’s cutting edge technology allows for healthy styling even at the highest temperature. We constantly strive to develop the industry’s most sought-after tools. Our focus is to deliver meticulously crafted tools for those who are serious about the art of hair.