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We provide high quality goods to salon professionals in the beauty industry to make the world more beautiful one step at a time. Sassi curates styles that follow beauty trends with quality that is comparable to high-end brands, with a competitive price that doesn't break the bank. Our standout products have great reviews and a loyal customer base.

Featured Products

Eyelash glue

Sassi Salon Eyelash Glue in Dark

A natural waterproof latex-based glue for use with both strip lashes and individual flares.


Sassi 3D Faux Mink Eyelashes

Your new favorite, designed for maximum volume while keeping the lashes soft and lightweight. 

Acrylic Nail System

Sassi Acrylic Nail System Display Rack

Sassi Acrylic nail systems delivers natural looking nails with strength, flexibility and beauty.

Nail system

Sassi Nail Texas Acrylic Kit

A professional nail kit with everything you need for a perfect acrylic set.