Quality & Innovation

The production of UTSUMI Shears aims at fusing traditional skills and the latest technology. UTSUMI owns a handmade factory in Osaka Japan. UTSUMI is the only factory that is capable of the “Smith Forging" method.

Featured Products


JYO SR55B/60B  Shears

Handmade black titanium coating provides soft, smooth cutting feeling and enhance durability. Moreover, the straight blade line minimizes hair sliding on blade.


U&U UMIX MX155/160/165/170 Shears

Handmade blunt cut base all round shears. Toughness and resilience from Damascus steel gives more durability of edge and a gentle cutting feeling.


U&U OF50W Thinners

Handmade wider teeth on both blades gives you variety of volume and texture control. Moreover, double teeth blades provide less damage because only the edge of the teeth touches the hair.


U&U UMIX MS224/113  Thinners

Handmade shallow groove with angle and Damascus steel provides a soft touch on hair. Great for thinning and blending after texturizing process to make softer finish.