Vinik Imports LLC

Vinik Imports LLC offers the finest quality human hair, ensuring full value for your money. Vinik Imports LLC specializes in superior grade Indian hair.

The company provides 100% full cuticle Remy Hair Products from India. with intense focus on quality thus ensuring that hair will remain tangle-free and last longer.

Vinik Imports LLC is dedicated to a customer oriented approach with complete attention to quality and delivery times. Our transparent business policies make it easy to do business with us, and provide you the customer experience you deserve.

Featured Products

Virgin Hair

Wefted Natural Vigin Hair

The wefted natural Indian hair is all virgin hair with cuticles that can be colored with care to very light and blonde colors.  The natural virgin hair also comes in 12 different textures and is available from 12 inches to 32 inches. Visit to see the products

Hair 2

Platinum I-tips

The I-tips come in several different textures and colors. The platinum i-tips shown here are a hit with the top stylists in the country as well as in international markets.

Brown Fusion Tips

Brown Fusion Tips

Keratin tips or Fusion tips come in several colors along with the natural virgin hair. The quality of Keratin is excellent and performs extremely well during the Fusion process at low temperatures.


Ombre Tape

Tape Hair is available in many sizes and many different colors. The very high quality hair used to make all the products including Tape hair ensures a long-lasting product that readily adds volume and thickness to your own hair.