A Salon Owner Shares 5 Things You Should Know Before Reopening

photo via Getty Images

Whether you're waiting to get word on an official reopening date or trying to prepare your salon for your first day back, we understand that it can all be extremely overwhelming. That's why we reached out to Eric Vaughn, owner of REV Hair Salon in Houston, who reopened his salon last last week, to pick his brain on the new normal. 

While Vaughn has only been back in his space for a few days, he's already learned a few things that have helped his business run more smoothly. Here, he shares five tips for other salon owners: 

1. Be sensitive to the situation your clients are in. We have all been struggling for the past couple of months with COVID-19, so now is not the time to raise your prices. It's time to nurture and love your clients and be fully understanding of whatever situation they may be in.  


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2. Plan ahead. Do not wait until your state announces that you need masks, gloves, shields, capes, smocks, etc., because they may be sold out by then. Start to prepare now and get the things you think you may need just in case. RELATED: WHERE TO FIND PPE FOR THE SALON

3. Book longer times for your appointments. I highly recommend booking longer appointment times for your clients to start because it does take longer time to get used to the new set up. You're going to need enough time to properly sanitizer your stations, and you're not going to want to rush through your services to do so. 

4. Advertise your sanitation measures. Sanitizing everything is nothing new for our industry, but your clients need to know that you're going the extra mile to keep your space clean. Make sure your client sees you sanitizing your station, your tools, etc. 

5. Stay positive. As I mentioned earlier, we've all struggled the past few months and we don't know everyone's personal situation. The last thing your client wants to hear when they sit in your chair is how you've been out of work for months and haven't made any money. Try to stay positive and show your clients how excited you are to have them back.