Advice for Barbers Getting Back to Work

Welcome back barbers! America has missed us. Some are still waiting on governors to give the nod to go back to work, and the rest of us are working our way back to normalcy behind the chair. This isn’t and won’t be easy, but we’ve got this. We are all in this together, and now more than ever, our clients need us too! Not just for an awesome haircut or a new look, but emotionally. Since the beginning of time, patrons would come to us for insight, confidence and conversation. The present time should be no different.

If you don't want to open, that is perfectly fine. At all times, do what you feel works best for you and yours. Nothing is wrong with that and no one should make you feel otherwise. For those okay with opening, if you are prepared with the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), it’s time to greet your patron family and make them feel special once again. I know they are ready to see you. Now is the time to make them feel like royalty. Spend a few extra moments to give a shampoo or even complementary neck shaves. I am sure your clients would love the extra attention. Steam towels on the back of the neck feel awesome after a good neck shave!

Many shops across the country are requiring their clients to wear a mask while receiving a service. Due to the coverage area of the mask, you would not be able to take care of a client’s beard and mustache. What you can do to allow your clients to look presentable is use your trimmers to clean up the vellus hair near their eyes and upper parts of the cheeks.

This quarantine has affected us all in some capacity, some more than others. It is our job to take a little bit of the world’s stress off each one of our client’s shoulders…hair by hair.

Every client that leaves your chair will remember their first post-quarantine haircut. Through your great talents, remind them why they book you so far in advance. Create the new look which gets your client that new job. Sharpen them to give them the confidence to approach that special someone. We make America beautiful. Let us remind the world how we do it.

Happy haircutting, my friends.