Doctor Q&A: How Long Will Stay at Home Guidance Last?

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You asked, and we've got answers. Dr. Kevin J. Aister, an emergency medicine physician, is here to answer your Coronavirus questions. With such an unprecedented pandemic, there are no bad questions—a lot of misinformation is circulating on social media and the web, so it's important to consult official resources and medical professionals. Here's the next Q&A of the day:

Q: How long will stay at home guidance last?

A: The simple answer to the question unknown at this time. That is because there is little known scientific information and data on COVID-19. The incubation period is a critical factor in controlling the spread of disease. Another key factor is the latent period, or the time between the occurrence of infection and becoming infectious. This can be shorter or longer than the incubation period, implying that an asymptomatic person may be able to transmit the virus. Both of these factors are crucial to effective quarantine management, but COVID-19 is a new Coronavirus, and much remains unknown about its transmission parameters and dynamics.


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