Doctor Q&A: Should I Keep My Salon Open If I'm Following CDC Guidelines?

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You asked, and we've got answers. Dr. Kevin J. Aister, an emergency medicine physician, is here to answer your Coronavirus questions. With such an unprecedented pandemic, there are no bad questions—a lot of misinformation is circulating on social media and the web, so it's important to consult official resources and medical professionals. Here's the next Q&A of the day:

Q: Should I Keep My Salon Open If I'm Following CDC Guidelines?

A: While "following all the guidelines" is admirable, there is much unknown scientific information about COVID-19 and the virus's ability to spread. Because of this, COVID-19 remains a significant public health issue. Social distancing remains a formidable tool preventing disease spread — thus protecting other human beings from disease. In the end, all human beings have a responsibility to each other and you must decide what is "socially right" for you with respect to others.


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