Tips for Coping with the New Reality Upon Reopening

Based on our continuing contact with our Salon Business Coaching clients, we hear what's going on in the industry after reopening. Most salons are finding it harder to open than expected—many have been open for six weeks now, and the first two weeks were the hardest and most tiring. This will pass.

After going over the most common feedback, we offer tips on how to help you thrive during this time.

1. Masks: It's hard wearing a mask, and some people get anxious, get headaches and have problems with their glasses fogging up — not to mention it's hard to work around clients' masks.

2. Sanitation and state law protocols: It takes a lot of time to sanitize between each client. Some questions you are probably asking yourself:

Did I remember to sanitize properly?

Did I touch the thing I just sanitized after I took my gloves off?

Will all this sanitizing make me sick from the toxic products I’m using?

3. Body: Many are saying:

My body hurts all over.

My feet hurt from standing.

My back hurts.

My shoulders and neck hurt.

I’m exhausted!

4. Emotions: Many are saying:

It makes me so happy to see my clients and work friends again!

I’m hearing such sad stories of my client’s experiences with COVID-19.

My clients are talking more than ever and I’m just listening.

I want to cry most days and quit!

I’m so happy to be productive.

I am making money again and can pay my bills!

Now, here are our six magic points to remember in order to thrive: 



Adhere to protocol, policies and standards that are required by YOUR state, county and city. Know matter what, YOU must adhere to these rules and regulations.


If you put in place a price increase before you opened your doors, we want to say “CONGRATULATIONS!" If you did not raise your prices, it’s not too late; raise your prices at least 15 to 25 percent now.

If you are having a hard time with this, hire a coach to help you explore and discover your worth.


Setting daily, weekly and monthly goals is a must! Tracking and knowing your numbers are crucial to your success!

Create your day by really planning your day and calculating how you can increase the beauty of your client’s hair by adding treatments.

Adding extra services will create beautiful hair and increase your revenue.


With every client, existing and new, conduct a powerful consultation, every time. It is so important to listen to your client’s wants and desires while blending your careful observation, based on your professional opinion to create a beautiful experience for them that they won’t forget! Because you do this heartfelt and concerned consultation, your clients will come back time after time! This is the perfect time to tell them when you want to see them again! Stand in your professional power!


Offer a clear explanation of why we want our clients to use what we recommend for their hair. Show them how to use the product by handing it to them to apply and instruct them how to create and recreate what you have done to their hair. They iwlll purchase the products!


We are in awe of the power of this simple request and how so many hairdressers don’t do this! Please ask your favorite clients (because we want more like them) to send you their friends and family and reward them for doing so. Create a simple referral program to offer them in return. Keep it simple, and ask!


  • Prebook: This is by far the best way to manage cash flow month after month!! If you want a full book next month, then you must pay attention to your books and business the week and month that you are in. Clients want to know when you want them to return; it’s as simple as that. So, knowing this, tell them when you want to see them again.
  • Simple ways to exceed your clients' expectations:
    • Deep clean your space weekly. Keep your towels, robes and equipment as new as possible all the time.
    • Have robes that fit all sizes
    • No clutter on your station
    • Dress up to come to work—you are in the beauty and fashion industry!
    • Don't talk trash or gossip
    • Use breath fresheners often
    • Listen, listen, listen to your clients!
    • Have fun! And know, this too shall pass!