How to Prepare for Your First Day Back in the Salon

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We are all eager to get back to work, but we have no clue when that will be. Until then, we can use the downtime to plan for our reopening. Here are a few tips to make that “opening day” special or us and our clients:

Change the look! Now is a great time for a fresh coat of paint, new posters on the wall or other little upgrades to your salon to create a special new feeling.

Plan a social event. Welcome everyone back—team members, clients and vendors—with a little get together. Set a time to hang out and celebrate being back.


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Introduce a new service. This will be a great time to share what you have learned during your time off by offering something new.

Lead by example. Have a new look for a new you when we get back. Inspire others to make a change to face our “new normal." They will have plenty of hair to work with.

Leave the prices alone. This is not the time for a price increase. That time will come when it feels appropriate. For now, rock the old prices for a short time.

Keep in touch. Engage with your clients through social media and other channels. Be ready to announce your grand re-opening.

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