How to Increase Social Engagement with Signage

We can all relate to this photo/sign combo from @pine.and.birch(Photo from @pine.and.birch Instagram account)

According to Dash Hudson, a top social analytics company, sharing images of clever signage relating to your brand resonates well on Instagram. A top online retailer notes that sharing playful signage has led to engagement rates higher than their average by over 150 percent. The above sign from the Kentucky-based sign company Pine and Birch is too perfect.

Photo by Bryant Chase

Many salons use A-frame sign stands, chalkboards or letter boards to promote services. With witty phrases and a little artistic flare, these posts add character to your social feed and expresses your business’ personality to your followers. Plus, it’s a great way to get your followers excited about the holidays—and even more excited about booking holiday appointments.

Photo courtesy of

Lastly, it could be a great way to gain exposure. For instance, stylist Carrine Zachary shared the above photo on Instagram. A large hair brand took notice, shared it on their feed and tagged her—the photo earned over 5,000 likes.

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