Video Stardom: How to Go Viral

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Analysts project that video will make up more than 80 percent of all internet traffic in the next two years. Never has it been more important to start considering a video strategy to promote your salon and grow your reach. We talk to video marketing pros for their advice on how to create great video content and propel your posts into the stratosphere.

Get to the point
You’re passionate about your craft, your business, your team—we get it. But attention spans are short these days. Zara Burke, Marketing Executive at Digital Marketing Institute Limited, says to jump right into the story. “Convey value off the bat,” she advises. Compelling videos have a purpose, and unless the viewer picks up on it within the first five to 10 seconds, they’re gone. 

Tell a story
Sometimes that story can be educational—and since a majority of stylists are “visual learners,” video is by far the most effective way to educate an audience. “These captured bits of footage, cleverly woven together, tell valuable stories about our craft—and they serve to make education and inspiration widely accessible to hairdressers in the far corners of the world,” says Gerard Scarpaci, Cofounder of Hairbrained, which promotes stylist videos at their annual Hairbrained Video Awards.

Edit yourself
“If too much is going on in the video, it can get overwhelming and the viewer won’t know what to look at,” warns Ruth Roche, NYC stylist, educator and Artistic Ambassador for Pureology. Focus on one or two elements that are impactful, she suggests.

Take lighting seriously
Yes, you want your video to be authentic, but poor lighting can make you look unprofessional and, even worse, can make hair look bad. Do outdoor shoots early or late in the day to avoid harsh shadows, urges Justin Brown at A portable reflector also helps to balance light. “When shooting indoors, you’ll want to balance any light streaming in from outside, either by drawing a curtain or adding light to the opposite side,” says Brown. And, there’s no reason not to make use of affordable lighting sources such as LED panels that can attach to a rig or tripod. 

Get audio right the first time
Mistakes in video are fixable in a number of ways, but an audio error is usually a lost cause. Use a lapel or lavaliere mic to reduce the risk of inaudible or distorted sound.


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Sam Villa 
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