Can #GenZYellow Brighten Your Social Engagement?

Is #GenZYellow the new #MillenialPink?

#GenZYellow is one of the newest color trends on social media. You’ve likely heard of #MillennialPink (a trend that’s not going anywhere), and now #GenZYellow is coming for the color-trend crown. As with the pink trend, it’s made from a whole spectrum of beautiful shades—from soft and sheer daffodil and butter to bold and bright lemon and neon pineapple.

photo by Becky Janade 

Encourage adventurous color clients to try neon sunshine colors like this hue by Becky Janade with the help of Racoon International Extensions. A color like this will have your friends stand up and clap when you walk in the room! Use it to accentuate your blondes or include streaks of black for a beautiful bumblebee.

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photo by Britt Sully 

No yellow hair? No problem—accessorize away! Add pops of color with canary yellow sunglasses, glowing gold bobby pins, or place dandelions behind your client’s ear. These little details can elevate your post and make it stand out in followers’ feeds.

photo by Ursula Goff  

Lastly, find all sorts of yellow colors that inspire you: school buses, farmers market produce, or fall leaves. The yellow doesn’t have to be crazy and bright; it can also be muted mustard or subtle saffron. Posting Instagram carousels of your inspiration is a great way to break up the monotony of traditional hair posts and expresses your creative side to followers.

Need more yellow inspo? @yellowillow is creative yellow-enthusiast. You can also follow hashtags, like #yellow on Instagram for constant #GenZYellow inspiration. Use the hashtags in your caption and, of course, don't forget to include #AmericanSalon.

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