3 Tips for (Quickly) Snapping the Perfect Instagram Shot

(Blake Reed Evans)

Ever wonder what it takes to get swoon-worthy Instagram photos in a reasonable amount of time?  Sam Villa ambassador, salon owner and social media coach, Blake Reed Evans @blakereedevans, is breaking it down on Thursday, January 28 at 2:00pm PT/5:00pm ET on Instagram with “3 Insta-Worthy Styles to Shoot in Under 10 Minutes.”

“Being prepared allows you to steel a couple of minutes here and there to capture the amazing work you’ve done in a short amount of time,” says Evans. “You’re doing beautiful hair every day, not shooting it for social is a missed opportunity for others to actually see it and request your services,” he adds. 

  • Supplies: Keep a bag filled with the essentials: Sam Villa Artist Series Finishing Brushtail comb and dry sectioning clips, as well as accessories like scrunchies and pins.  Including a travel size hairspray to tame flyaways is a must!
  • Variety: Think of easy of ways to get different looks quickly.  If doing a ponytail, develop it further by creating a classic tail in the center of the head and loop it through the elastic - then add a striking accessory…pin it up… texturize or braid it…one look can be shot in so many different ways.
  • Camera Position: Raise the camera/phone high, angle it down and lean it forwards and backwards to capture the perfect angle and lighting for the hair. Some salons even have ring lights and shooting stations, take advantage of those resources!


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