5 Tips to Keep Your Clients' Blonde Game Strong

photo via @saraymay_level10(@saramay_level10)

Platinum blonde guests require a lot of upkeep both in and out of the salon. Sara Pestella, owner of Level 10 Salon in Destin, Florida, knows a thing or two about keeping her blondes in tiptop shape. Here, Pestella shares 5 pro tips that you can pass along to your clients to keep their blonde game strong in-between salon visits. 

1. Use a shower filter like @raindrops to help prevent mineral build up that can cause brassy tones.

2. Do not over use purple shampoo. Use it two times per month to keep your blonde looking expensive.


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3. Use professional hair care products, like @oribe@unite_hair and @olaplex. Your routine doesn't have to be complicated, but the quality of products you put on your hair matters.

4. Use both a UV + Thermal heat protectant. Did you know that heat can cause your color to fade and even yellow your blonde? A heat protectant works as an invisible barrier, protecting your strands from pollution in the air, heat, etc.

5. Just like our skin needs moisturizer both morning and night, so does our hair. Be careful: most hair oils are tinted slightly yellow or orange so you need to use one that is clear or for blondes.