8 Must-Follow Tips for Cutting Fringe

@chrisjones_hair (@chrisjones_hair)

With more than 300k followers on Instagram, Chris Jones is a trusted resource in the hair space. The hairstylist and salon owner regularly takes to social media to share tips and techniques on cuts that are currently trending. This time, American Salon sat down with Jones to pick his brain on cutting fringe. Here, he shares eight tips you should follow next time a client requests bangs. 

1. Before you begin, assess your clients' texture, growth lines and hairline before committing to a fringe.

2. Shampoo and blow-dry fringe before cutting. I like to cross-dry in an "X" pattern to eliminate any unwanted partings or splits in the fringe.

3. From the center part, take diagonal sections back toward the recession area. 

4. Place the comb under the hair. Using a comb instead of your fingers will reduce tension, preventing the hair from bouncing up and ending up too short. 

5. Angle your comb in the shape you want the fringe cut. The comb becomes a sight line, giving you a visual before cutting. 

6. Repeat these sections allowing the hair to fall naturally into place before cutting. 

7. Once your line is in place, it's up to the creativity of the artist to add layering or texture. 

8. If you're planning on layering/texturizing, leave the baseline a little bit longer as layering will naturally shorten the fringe.