8 Summer Hair Trends & Tips for Achieving Them

photo via @taunidawso; hair by @gregoryrussellhair; styling @jilljacobsstudio(Tips on Summer Trends)

Summer is almost here, which means clients will be coming to the salon to freshen up their color or experiment with a fun new cut. Plus, they'll be looking to the pros to get input on what's currently trending.To help you better prepare, we've asked several celebrity hairstylists to weigh in on all their summer trend predictions.


“This style is a great way to add a sexy va-va-voom to your overall look and it’s actually not that hard to achieve,” says celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist Emma Willis. The straight-from-the-beach look is the perfect vibe to dress up any summer style.

“Once you’ve curled individual small sections all over, apply a generous amount of UNITE’s ELEVATE Mousse from root to ends, then on top finger through with a good amount of SMOOTH&SHINE Styling Cream.


Mermaid waves are a summer staple and have taken the internet by storm. With more than 5.1 million views on TikTok, beauty influencers and hair stylists around the world have been sharing their favorite tools, techniques and products to achieve the look.

“This summer, mermaid waves are going to be a big hit. My tip is not to over complicate it,” says Willis. To style, prep the hair with 7SECONDS Glossing Spray then kink in your waves with a wave wand and finish off by messing it up with some TEXTURIZA Spray.” 


This go-to look is a no brainer for hot summer days. Not only is it stylish and easy to accomplish, but it’s also extremely convenient for running around in the heat. “Simply prep the hair with UNITE’s CONUNDRUM Paste, comb hair in an upward motion to create a sleek finish and secure the ponytail with an elastic. As a personal touch, I like to wrap a piece of hair around the band and use Le:Play Hairspray, to secure the wrapped piece in place,” says celebrity beauty artist Chris Georges.


“These pigtails with a twist are sure to elevate any look this summer. From taking pictures to virtual concerts, you’re bound to make a statement,” says Georges. “To style, prep the pigtails with UNITE’s iconic TEXTURIZA Spray and tease the hair with a comb. Then, strategically place the elastic bands throughout teased hair, creating those fun and flirty bubbles.”


“After the last year, clients have adjusted to their hair color being in a more natural state. So now when coming back into the salon, I’m feeling like there’s a ‘less is more’ vibe for summer, ” says Los Angeles-based celebrity hair colorist Tauni Dawson.

“I’ve been loving dark rich tones for brunettes, more natural colors and working with warmth in general. It’s all about subtle sparkles to soften up brunettes. I love to polish my brunettes with a rich gloss or add some soft highlights with a high lift in order to control lifting and maintain an easy grow out.”


“For blondes, it’s going to be all about nude and golden tones while keeping natural dimension throughout for texture and balance. In the summer I encourage my blonde clients to use WEEKENDER Clarifying Shampoo about once a month to remove any buildup on the hair followed by BLONDA Toning Shampoo for a tone refresh," Dawson says.

“All my color clients also use UNITE’s 7SECONDS Detangler. It’s a must for keeping hair moisturized plus it’s a thermal and UV protector, perfect for summer.”


“With quarantine, everyone was given the opportunity to learn how to embrace their natural hair color. At first this was a huge transition, but for many this turned out to be really eye opening in the best of ways. Clients who couldn’t stand the sight of their roots were finally ready to simply enhance their natural hair color and make every salon visit last,” says celebrity hair color and stylist Morgan Parks.

As a stylist, remember, less is more. When highlighting, focus on keeping the highlights away from the root, and space out the foils to increase dimension. I also dropped down the level of the root melt down and let it sit a bit longer. Now that more people are working from home and doing a lot less styling, I recommend they incorporate more hydrating products such as UNITE’S U Oil and 7SECONDS Masque to bring moisture and shine back into the hair,” Parks says. 


“For the more bold and daring client who is ready to spice things up and add more warmth, we’re seeing a lot more red and copper tones lately," Parks says. "When making a big color change, always remember to use the right products to help maintain your results. I love the 7SECONDS Shampoo and 7SECONDS Conditioner that are sulfate- and paraben-free,” she adds. "The ultra-hydrating cleansing duo locks in and color, protects from heat and UV damage while adding another level of brilliant shine and moisture."