Color How-To: Baby Blonde Technique

photo via @katrinasmiley(Katrina Smiley)

If your client is looking for a lived-in, low-maintenance, youthful blonde that packs the same punch as a powerful platinum blonde, look no further than Redken artist Katrina Smiley's baby blonde technique. During this year's Redken Symposium, Smiley shared the time-saving color technique that works well on any skin tone. Check out the step-by-step below: 

1. Section your client's hair into quadrants. If they like to shift their part from side to side, section with a center part so they can wear it whichever way they want. 

2. Work with diagonal part lines to maintain softness within sections and start by taking a section right along your client's hairline for optimal lightness around the face. 

3. Taking a diagonal back fine stitch to maintain the lived-in look, place a foil at the hairline and start applying Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside (one pod is the perfect amount for a partial placement using this technique). Start applying the lightener slightly away from the root area and then tilt the brush to gently work the lightener into zone 1. 

4. When using this technique, do not fold the foils. Instead, place another one over top of the lightened hair that will act as the base for the next stitch. 

5. For the next section, take another diagonal back fine stitch slice and clip it out of the way. Using Flash Light Pods Bonder Inside, begin lightening the remaining hair through the mid-lengths and down to the ends. Again, tilt your brush to gently blend the lightener into the root area. 

6. For your next set of weaves, you're going to want to shift the area that you're working on. This will help create movement throughout the section so that you have great color saturation. 

HOT TIP: To add value to your services, mix a secondary bowl of color for natural hair in between ligthtened weaves. Smiley likes to use Blonde Idol High Lift to add a second tone and dimension to her blonde clients. 

7. Repeat steps 3-6 around the head until desired look is achieved. Then, apply a top coat gloss using 010VG + Processing Solution. The final result is the perfect blend of cool and warm.