Cutting How-To: The Shaglet

The shaglet, a shag/mullet hybrid, is becoming increasingly popular—likely because it’s the “have it all” hairstyle thanks to its effortlessly trendy, low-maintenance, fun, cute and edgy combination. The versatile cut embraces individuality and can be tweaked to frame the client's best features.

“I connect hair to personality and lifestyle and believe in the transformative power of a haircut,” says Sam Villa ambassador Manda Ziegelman (@mandaziegelman). “As soon as you chop a fringe and carve some layers around the face, clients become more aware of themselves. They become confident, they evolve. There’s a liberating attitude behind these types of cuts and it’s definitely a mood."

The best shaglets have fullness without heaviness. The key element is removing enough weight by cutting away from the scalp with a razor or shear to create texture and versatility with the shape, and hair is light enough to move freely. Other things to consider when approaching this  style:

  • Design: Consider the head shape itself when customizing this look for each guest.
  • Back: It’s vital to collapse the silhouette by removing bulk with tricky internal layering.
  • Crown: Create strategic texture to build volume.
  • Ears: Use cutouts above the ears for exposure and to create disconnection preventing the dreadful “dog ears” effect.
  • Fringe: The ultimate statement piece, the more “chewy” the better. Watch Ziegelman create signature fringes here.

Watch Ziegelman demonstrate the cut below: