How to Create Volume and Length on a Blunt Bob

For your short-haired clients who want to play with length and volume, look no further than this tutorial from Amika artistic ambassador James Earnshaw (@jhair_stylist). He takes a blunt, two-toned bob (that gives us serious Cruella vibes) and with the help of extensions, the right products and some hairdressing magic, creates va-va-voom waves. Here's how to get the look:

  1. Braid natural hair away from face and gather at nape. Do not worry about keeping it neat.
  2. Leave out the parting. Prep with Amika Plus-Size Perfect Body Mousse. Blow-dry, then curl with an iron back and away from the face. Create pincurls and let set.
  3. Use Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Volume Spray to prep the clip-in extensions, and curl with an iron in the same direction. Using Un.Done Volume & Matte Texture Spray. Mist onto extensions, and then brush out loosely to let air into it before clipping them onto the head.
  4. Clip extensions into the base of the hair. Repeat until half the head is complete. When you reach the parting, clip as close as you can to the parting line.
    Tip: Measure extensions so that they fit from the center of the head to one side of the head.
  5. Repeat on the opposite side of the head—in this case, Earnshaw uses blonde extensions.
  6. Emulsify a tiny bit of Supernova Moisture & Shine Cream between palms and pull it through the midlengths and ends first.
  7. Brush out extensions, but make sure they’re all secure first. Start with the underneath layer of extensions and backbrush for texture and volume. Spray again with Un.Done Volume & Matte Texture Spray. Use a wide-tooth comb to detail definition in waves.
  8. Repeat on each layer of extensions.
  9. Once desired volume and texture is achieved, unpin hair in parting.
  10. Lay parting hair over extensions. Brush through and detail so it blends with extensions.
  11. Mist parting sections with Un.Done Volume & Matte Texture Spray. Backcomb hair in sections lightly and overdirect the hair to cover the extensions. Visually place so it blends.