How-To Video: Baby Fringe

photo courtesy of brand (Sam Villa ArTeam)

When guests start coming out of quarantine, they are going to crave reentry style.  Jesse Linares, Sam Villa ArTeamis a pro at these dramatic looks and has a technique for short baby fringe that looks aggressively intentional. 

“I know it looks scary, but sometimes the scariest techniques are actually the easiest ones to pull off,” says Linares.

  • Isolate where fringe should live – usually the corner of one eye vertically to the other, past that hair will fall to the side of head.
  • When going for crisp definition like a picket fence or zig zag, cut hair at a natural fall, elevating it will lose strength in the edge.
  • Have guest close their eye and make the first cut, the low elevation creates a very strong line, make the creative decision on the next cut…how long or short, open up one eye, attack from opposite direction to create a peak…
  • Be aggressive, and note that the shorter the hair, the more the influence of the root comes into play, which can make it look more punk and edgy.
  • Use a Sam Villa Signature Series InvisiBlend Shear to take some heaviness away by gently point cutting sections…it removes only a small amount of hair with each cut, so it’s good for knocking weight off the ends so they sit more sweetly.


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