How to Master a Directional Blow-Dry

Photographer/Jarred Krasucki

“Prepping hair with a directional blow dry is so valuable, because it makes styles look fuller and last longer,” explains Karla Valenzuela, Sam Villa ambassador. It’s a technique every stylist should master, and it comes down to layering product and holding the brush properly.

Directional Blow-Dry

  • Prep hair with Redken Iron Shape 11, a thermal heat protectant spray with medium hold to lay the groundwork for longevity.
  • Apply a generous amount of Redken Guts 10 in sections from roots to ends.This volumizing spray foam is the MVP in building a strong foundation. It gives hair incredible volume right at the root and leaves a natural touchable texture to hair.
  • Work with the edge of a Sam Villa Signature Series Polishing Paddle Brush – just the first 2-4 bristle rows, the entire brush creates too much tension and will make it harder to blow dry.
  • Trail the brush with a Sam Villa Artist Series Professional Blow Dryer with concentrator nozzle and dry hair in the direction the up style will be built. Blow-dry at 90 degrees off the scalp in areas where volume is desired.

Once finished, the texture can be seen, felt and already directed to the area where the up style will be constructed. It’s a solid foundation for curls, braids, forms, pins and accessories. “I’ve added an extra 15 minutes to all my updo appointments to allow for a directional blow-dry, delivering longevity is a value I want to extend to my guests,” she adds.


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TIP: If hair gets tangled, hold the brush vertically and use the just the top edge (first 2-4 bristle rows) to detangle hair from the ends up. When held vertically, the rows of bristles line up in straight rows, allowing more hair to pass through to brush out tangles more easily. When held horizontally the bristles are staggered, creating more tension and tangles.