Step-by-Step: Bushel Braid

photo via Sam Villa ArTeam

If you're looking to spice up your typical braiding technique, look no further than the bushel braid. Bushel braids are easy to make, perfect for summer weather, and very secure because they're anchored with ponytails.

"Bushel braids are all over Instagram and Pinterest, so it’s important to have these braiding techniques in our back pockets for when our clients show up with pictures,” says Anna Peters, Sam Villa ArTeam member. Here, watch how Peters creates the style:



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  • Take a section from the corner of the eye straight back and make a ponytail, then clip out of way.
  • Make another ponytail right below the first, don’t make elastics too tight, wrap around hair 2 to 3 times, depending on density.
  • Take a slice from left side of the top section and the same size from the bottom section and hold between the thumb and index finger. 
  • Make an okay sign with the hair holding the top and bottom sections, then with the other hand, drop the top section down to lay flat on the three fingers.
  • Hold that hair and grab another slice from the bottom section and move it up and over to join the hair in the thumb and index finger section.
  • Repeat and continue until top ponytail hair runs out, separate the two sections and clip the top section up.
  • With the remaining hair, make another ponytail about an inch away from the one above.  The hair that hangs down will be nicely segmented for the next bushel braid.
  • Repeat the same bushel braiding pattern, top hair comes down to lay flat, section from below comes up and over and joins hair in thumb and index finger.  Continue until hair runs out.
  • Clip top section up, and make another ponytail, unclip top section and let it fall over the bottom section.
  • To blouse, stick the end of a tail comb into each segment and pull to make it look fuller, or pinch and pull each section with fingers.
  • Finish by securing with an elastic or crafting into an up style.