Tips for Turning an Inspiration Pic Into a Hairstyle

(Gilad Goldstein)

Picture it: Your client is sitting in your chair scrolling through her photo gallery to find her haircut inspiration photos. You’re thinking, she’s just in for some long layers and maybe bangs—nice and easy. When she finally pulls the photo up, you see it’s an intricate-looking undercut pixie. Your palms start to sweat. You haven’t done this kind of look on any of your clients in so long! There’s no way you can execute this on her today. You’re going to mess her hair up and lose a client!

WRONG. Take a deep breath, because your clients’ inspiration photos shouldn’t strike fear in you, but rather spark your creative flow. In this current age of social media, our clients are stepping out of their comfort zones and are excited to try new looks. As beauty providers, it’s our responsibility to be educated about how to translate their inspiration into a real hairstyle. Being able to do this comes from a deep understanding of fundamental haircutting. When you understand how to create a shape, it becomes easier to look at a picture and break it down into smaller elements that provide a “roadmap” to its creation.

Learning how to cut hair is much different from learning a haircut. Once I began learning how to cut hair, it took the fear out of servicing my current clients and made it even more fun to connect with new ones. I attracted more business and new clients who had faith in my ability to give them what they want.


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I'm so excited to share this knowledge with attendees at The Beauty Experience New York, taking place March 8-10, 2020. We're going to discuss how to look at a picture, break it down into smaller elements and then create the shape on a client's head. Attendees will leave feeling empowered to take on new clients and shapes in addition to taking home new haircutting techniques and trends. Come discover the “why” and “how” in haircutting, and learn how to transform your clients’ inspirations into real world hairstyles. If you want to start your journey in becoming a master at haircutting, be sure to attend my class, Translating Styles from Pics to Heads, March 8 at 3:45 p.m. I can’t wait to see you all there!

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