9 Problems Only Hairstylists Will Understand

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Let's be really real for a minute—hairdressing is hard. Sure, the industry has its fair share of perks and the art itself deserves an award, but there's a long list of challenges that no one really warns you about before beauty school. For starters, you'll need to be a fully-attentive therapist for the duration of your appointments and it's impossible to please every client that will sit in your chair. Despite the challenges, some everyday salon "problems" are just comical. We talked with a few hairstylists to find out about the problems they encounter day-to-day and we're sure you can relate. 

"When you're blow drying and so is everyone else in the shop and you can't hear your client. You tell them, but they insist on finishing the story so you're forced to smile or laugh and pray they're not telling you something tragic or asking a question."—Chelsea James

"When your bathroom break is your ONLY break."—Sarah Naslund


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"When your guest is ten minutes late with Starbucks in hand and didn't bring you one..."—Austin Call 

"Accepting that your nails are always a level 4 ombré."—Sarrah Campbell

"When your guest tries to turn around and talk while you're cutting a graduated bob."—Tia Coles.

"When your client says 'I want something different, but I don't want to lose any length or add layers.'"—Shirley Hagel 

"When your hands are slippery from shampooing, and you lose your grip on the hose and give everyone an unexpected shower."—John Speer

"You eat your lunch out of a color bowl."—Nicole Bice

"When you're prepping your client's hair for an event and they say 'I left it extra dirty for you because I know it holds better.'"—Jerad Rushlow