10 Things to Know About Aveda's First Bond-Building Line

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For clients who color or heat style their hair frequently, bond-building treatments are an absolute must. Similar to a heavy-duty hair mask, bond-building treatments repair the hair from the inside out—reducing breakage, enhancing shine and leaving strands revived and refreshed. 

Aveda's new Botanical Repair line does all of that and more. Complete with five different products—a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in treatment, and two strengthening masks—Botanical Repair uses revolutionary plant-powered technology to drastically strengthen and repair hair. Here, David Hutchinson, VP of Aveda Global Product Marketing, shares 10 things that set the Botanical Repair line apart. 

  1. It builds bonds with plant-derived molecules, not synthetics.  Botanical repair took Aveda 6 years to develop because they were so committed to delivering the strongest-possible benefit using ingredients from nature. Every product in the collection is at minimum 93 percent naturally derived.
  2. The professional treatment delivers 5x stronger hair in just one use. The botanical repair professional treatment strengthens and repairs to dramatically reduce breakage and help protect hair during a color service. 
  3. Dramatic repair in 10 minutes. The Botanical Repair professional treatment is a three-step service. It can be offered as a stand-alone strengthening treatment, or as a mix-in with a color service. No time is added to the actual color service, just 10 minutes for activating as the very last step. 
  4. Repairs three key layers of the hair, including the F-layer. The F-layer is an invisible water-resistant lipid layer that “seals” the surface of the hair cuticle. When the F-layer is lost, hair becomes porous, feel rough, lacks shine, and tangles easily. Once the F-layer is damaged beyond repair, there is no getting it back. In BotanicalRepair, a protective bio-shield complex creates a botanical F-layer—mimicking and restoring the benefits of the F-layer—to protect hair from future damage.
  5. Botanical Repair was conceptualized as a professional line only. Due to the amazing results, Aveda expanded the professional salon treatment to include a full at-home product line to maintain results between services.
  6. There’s a companion line for at-home maintenance between salon treatments. The at-home line includes a strengthening shampoo, conditioner, light masque, rich masque, and leave-in strengthening treatment.
  7. Botanical Repair was scientifically formulated and tested to work on all hair types and textures. There are two versions of the professional bond activator- a light, and a rich, which has five times the blend of butters and oils than the light activator and is best for medium to thick hair types that require more conditioning. 
  8. It’s silicone-free, sulfate-cleanser free, vegan- and cruelty-free. There are two patents pending for the silicone-replacement technology used in Botanical Repair. 
  9. It’s manufactured with 100 percent solar and wind power. Aveda was the first beauty brand to manufacture their products using 100% window power. And this summer, Aveda activated a solar array at its primary manufacturing facility in Minnesota, providing 50% of on-site electricity needs. 
  10. Zero virgin plastic in Botanical Repair bottles and jars. The bottles, jars and their caps are made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled packaging. 


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